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Helping you on the road to your correct solutions.


Mobile Applications

We’ll prepare complete solutions from analysis, drafts, creation to deployment according to your idea and requirement.

We can offer consultations and direct to create applications suited for you.

We develop applications for these mobile platforms:

Web applications

We prepare web applications according to your desires from scratch or as a expand your existing solutions. We can adjust to the present states without discarding existing parts. We will connect your applications with other systems according to your preferences. We can prepare you applications in:

ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, JSP, JSF, pure CGI, perl, …

VWe can work with your data in these DB: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, FirebirdSQL, Oracle, …

We will prepare and link together your data in REST and SOAP web services.

Desktop Applications

If you need desktop applications for:

  • native Windows C#, C++,
  • native Linux Qt, GTK,
  • native iOS,
  • multiplatform in Java,
  • Chrome applications?

We can help with that.

We develop applications for these platforms:

SAP programing

We offer development for SAP in these fields:

  • – ABAP development
  • – Web dynpro ABAP
  • – Web dynpro Java
  • – Adobe interactive forms
  • – web services for integrated SAP with information systems

Administration & Design

Audit of hardware and software solutions

PWe will test what is actually happening in your systems and if your infrastructure delivers optimum result.

Administration of Windows/Linux

We offer administrative services for servers with OS

  • – Linux
  • – Windows.

Administration of systems and client workstations. Archiving, prophylactics, maintenance and service. We design solutions for your network and components of your networks which correspond your requirements.

Management and optimization of your data storages in:

  • – MySQL, MariaDB, MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, FirebirdSQL, SQLite, …

We arrange installation, management and maintenance of your virtual solutions with taking into account your present and future demands.

Analysis and design

We analyze, design and realize solutions for your existing and future demands on you information systems and infrastructure.

Turnkey solutions

RAD Solutions is a supplier of turnkey solutions for its customers. Besides the software services we provide to our customers our company also deals with systems characterization, planning, design and implementations.

Our work brings together and unifies the hardware and software worlds. From early stages of each project, the drawing board and up to procurement and project execution, per each different customer’s needs.


RAD Solutions s.r.o.

Company Limited

Jahodová 1971/2, 082 21 Veľký Šariš, Slovensko


Company Registration Number: 47 019 263

č. ObU-PO-OZP1-2013/03873-3

In Presov 29. 01. 2013

Trades Registrer Number 750-40898

registered in the Obch. register OS Prešov Slovakia,

oddiel: Sro, Vložka č.: 27671/P